Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another view of Philly from up high....

Another shot from a few years back, not sure which view of the city this is, might be looking south, but I ca't recall for sure. If anybody out there knows, write to me in the comments section and let me know.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Parkway

This picture was taken from a high spot in Philly, probably the top of an office building. The hotel in the foreground is the Sheraton. The long street running daigonally in the background is the Benjamin Franklin Parway, which leads to the Philadelphia Art Museum. The river is the Schukyl, which ends up at the Delaware River a few miles away. The Art Museum is the beginning of Fairmount Park, the most impressive and largest city park in the nation. (Sorry Central Park.) I have tons of photos of Fairmount Park, some of which I will post soon.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

An old philly photo

I went thru my old negatives and found some interseting pictures I took back in the 70s in Philadelphia. I went to the tops of some buildings, like City Hall, and a couple in Penn Center, and snapped away. I thought I maight have some of Penn Center from 1977; I'll keep looking.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Oh yeah...

I started another blog this week, mostly for drawings.
Just type in, www.scottydrawings.blogspot.com to see some really..., well, real drawings I have done. I have to start taking more picutres around town for this site, as well as scanning older negatives and paper prints for this blog. Be on the look out!
We just got back from a short trip out of town, and waddaya know, we got rear-ended a mile and a half from home!!!! Great!!! Right rear of our bumper was scraped and bent a bit, $3500 dollah, I'll bet when I take it in to the body shop!!! Hummph!!!!
Well, I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, with plenty of turkey and sweetpotato casserole, and cranberry sauce! So take it easy today, rest up on the couch or your favorite easy chair, and watch a bunch of TV shows!! Used to be the networks would show cartoons on the day after Thanksgiving to give the kids something to watch. I don't think they do that anymore, since kids can watch Nick and Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. Oh, I forgot, whoever isn't watching TV is out shopping!! Hope you found everything you were looking for amongst the mobs of people who can't wait to part with their money at discout prices!!
MOre pictures on this site either tomorrow or Sunday!!!
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Alley way entrance SALE!!

This looks like a bunch of good stuff! It would look great in your house!! Call us, we'll put a hold on this pile for you!! An office chair with a comfy seat, a green trash can, and other non descript items!!! Whatever is underneath it all, its bound to be exciting!! Come on down!! We'll give you a broom to sweep up the small pieces!! Sale prices good till Monday!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some more drawings...

Here are a couple of drwings, inked, that I did three months ago. The two with color were colored with markers. The B&W drawing was inked with winsor newton brushes and ink. And I'll probably post more in the coming days. I have to take more picures of sidewalk piles for this blog, gotta have a good supply of stuff for the cutomers!
Also, I will start scanning older pictures and posting them as well.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Drawings finally!

Thought I would put a couple of drawings up tonight, these are a couple of pages that I did in the last few weeks. Just having a bit of fun with pen and ink and pencil sketching. Color was added on the computer.

New items!!

Don't think I showed this one yet, but its a beautiful set!!
Seems to be an entertainment center that needs a TV. Which you may recall, we have in a previous posting!! Should fit like a glove!! The matress/box spring is real cutie!! Come on by and give it a spin!! We'll cover the stains with a semi clean sheet!! There's another couch just beyond the bed, might be a couch bed!! Where do we find them??!! Deals!! We have deals!!! Big weekend sale!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

You have to see this one!!

We don't even know what this used to be, but you must have a place for it in your house!! Just look at it!! Big space in the middle!! Lots of cheap pressed wood or particle board, whatever!! Looks lightweight, too!! Can be lifted by one person!! Come on and take it away!! We have string so you can tie it to the roof of your car!! Don't worry, its good string!! It was on a corner two blocks away!! This won't last long, so hurry on down and talk to us!! We'll give you a good deal!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I might have already posted this one already, but if I did, its worth seeing again!! Look at this couch!! Comfy!! Just needs a little home like yours!! Come on down and get it!!! You know where can get the cushions!!! That's right!! We got 'em here!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Cornucopia!!

Now friends, how can you even think of passing this up?? Look at all you get here: a mattress, a couch, plus, an added surprise as to what's under the mattress!! You can have the debris in the street as well!! We don't think the mattress has too many miles on it, and the couch is probably the same. Not too many butts have been on this stuff, you can guess what kind of action this stuff has seen once you sit in it for a while!! Come on down, next to the fire hydrant in the red zone!!! Bring a pick up truck!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Sale!!!

Lookk at all of this great stuff!! A shopping cart. A kids toy. A chair. Plus some additional random pieces of flotsam and/or jetsam from real life. Come on down and at least look closely at this stuff!! Bring your pickup truck and take it away. This is one of our best kept showrooms. Good lighting, breezy, and close to a major thoroughfare. Just drive north and look to your left. We'll be here all day and into the evening. This set up was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, the "Alley Entrance" edition. Look for it on your local news stands and supermarket checkout lines. At these prices, this line up won't last!!! Hurry on down!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

50 Cent billboard

Here is a change of pace....I heard there was a controversy about this billboard for a new movie by the rapper 50cent. I thought I would change it a bit, call it, things we'd like to see. I'll put up more like this in the future. Leave a comment....
Tell your friends about it....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Now friends, where else are you gonna find a leather couch in this good a shape??!! This one won't be here long!! We got people on both sides of the street drooling over this one!! Its gonna go fast!! And we don't know if we can replace it anytime soon!!! Talk to us!! We'll listen!!! We take cash checks or credit cards!!!
The tree is not included, sorry. The couch is relativley clean, only been on the sidewalk for 48 hours!!! Not too many stains! We'll give you a sponge! FREE!!! Any color!!! Find you own water. But come on down and take it away!!! May not be here tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sidewalk drama.

Now here is site you don't see everyday, and probably won't see again. What could have happened here to make somebody leave these items here? Are the gas cans surrendering to the hydrant's superior powers? Survival of the fittest on the street.

On another note, next week sometime I will make a slight change in the blog and its content. Stay tuned!!! I have another set of photos to start posting on a different subject. What could they be?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Great for the living room!!

Look at this deal!! Two couches and a TV set!!! Grafitti not included. But we can talk, we're easy!!! Not too much water damage on the couches, and we will help you find the cushions. They're probably in the bushes across the street.
But again, come on down!! We can arrange credit!!! These pieces will not last long at these prices!!!

This is the best seat in the house for this couch, somewhere in Inglewood

Yes, this couch is the best seat you have. Great view of something like the side of a building form the other side of an empty lot. It looks great, needs a home. Come on down and get it!!! It needs you!!! There may be some popcorn or candy behind the cushions!! EZ Credit!! No interest!! This is a once a week
deal!! You need a couch, we can find you one!!! Talk to us!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The fax machine is out of paper!!!

Fax machine on the loose!!! Its escaped!!! Even now its hiding from Human Resources....It does not want any more paper jammed into it...
Okay, here is a very cool set of couches. Notice how they are turned to watch the house. Good view of someone's living room window. Come on and take them away!!! Thye're waiting for you!!! So comfortable!!! Great color!!! EZ Credit terms!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Look at how well this chair fits into any surrounding. Obviously placed here by a train spotter to get the best possible photographs of a passing train. Good lighting for trainspotting. This chair would look great in your living room! Give us a call and we will tell you exactly where it is and you can pick it up yourself!! We give you a discount for self delivery!! Hurry!!! Supplies are limited!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

You can't get it any better than this!!! An authentic auto-mobile seat from who knows what kind of car!!! Just waiting for you to take it away to your lovely living room!!!
Think of how jealous your friends will be when they see this great piece of furniture in your living room!!! We left the pack of cigarettes on the seat for you to continue smoking, if you are so inclined!!! Trash cans not included, but talk to us if you really want them for your house, they look good!!
What can we say about this that the photograph
does not already tell you? This excellent television set has very low mileage, and comes with a money back guaranty. If you don't think this fine piece of furniture looks great in your house, we'll help you rearrange your house until it does! (Fence not included.)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The savings never stop!!! Come on down and save big MONEY on this fantastic set!! No money down!! No Interest!! No payments for 12 months!!! Look at this beautiful set!!! They belong in your house!!! SALE! SALE! SALE!
And if you act now, we'll throw in a set of sheets found nearby on the next corner!!! Don't worry folks, we washed them in the washing machine we found beside the freeway onramp!!! (We saved the mice inside so you could have some pets!!)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Now this is a good set up! Look what I found in an alley one fine Saturday afternoon. Firewood.... I'll bet the TV set has knobs on the front.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Here is another set of lovely items that will most likely fit into your decor with a tiny adjustment here and there in your house. I saw this setup on Centinella Ave., between Venice and Palms Ave. Pretty nice, eh?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Discard Los Angeles

Welcome to the newest Blog in the Universe. By the time you finish reading this, 1000 more will have been created. This blog's intention is to show photographs of Los Angeles in the new century.
In addition to new photos, there will be older photos, some of Los Angeles, some of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I will try to be here everyday to post something, even if its just my thoughts from the day before.
I will also from time to time post drawings of mine of various subjects. I am an animation director in Los Angeles, some of the drawings will be for animation projects I want to finish, some will be for a graphic novel or two I have in mind to start.
Don't hesitate to post comments.
I hope you enjoy what you see and read.