Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Sale!!!

Lookk at all of this great stuff!! A shopping cart. A kids toy. A chair. Plus some additional random pieces of flotsam and/or jetsam from real life. Come on down and at least look closely at this stuff!! Bring your pickup truck and take it away. This is one of our best kept showrooms. Good lighting, breezy, and close to a major thoroughfare. Just drive north and look to your left. We'll be here all day and into the evening. This set up was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, the "Alley Entrance" edition. Look for it on your local news stands and supermarket checkout lines. At these prices, this line up won't last!!! Hurry on down!!!

1 comment:

skep41 said...

Why destroy the harmony of this work of conceptual art by trying to 'use'
any of its timeless elements as possesions? The statement is made,