Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still driving in LA...

Why do the guys have to run up beside you on the Harbor Freeway north, and there is no one behind you, and then they get in front of you in a most dangerous way, just to get on the Golden State freeway north? What is their point? This is not Indianapolis. Not Daytona. What gives? Are people that stupid? Or do they have something to prove? And why are so many of them on the cell phone at the time? Sometimes I wish I had the jeep from the TV show Rat Patrol. Lots of ignorant drivers out there. When I come upon you after you had your accident, I'll take pictures and sell them to you. With a caption that says, "Its THIS GUY'S FAULT!!" Good luck in your race to the bottom of the car racing contest on LA freeways that takes place everyday. Go ahead and show everybody how fast your car is. We all know you are rushing to some unimportant appointment. Whatever it is, it can wait... In other words, Back off clown!!

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