Monday, May 22, 2006

A long time ago....

Here is an interesting piece of history. Somewhere on Centinella Ave near La Cienaga, on the sidewalk, there is is this short little message from the occupants of the house that used to be there. It is a small "Welcome", written in little stones. The house that used to be there probably had its front entrance walkway right there, leading up to the house. Its now a block of small businesses. I took a walk through the neighborhood, and found a lot of letters on the sidewalks, which I will put up over the next few days. I thought this one was the most interesting. As I took the picture, the guy who runs the barbershop came out and asked me if I knew the people who used to live there and wrote the message. He said many people have come by and photographed it, some who lived in L.A. many years ago. I know somewhere in this town there is picture of the original house and the neighborhood as it was back in 1954. Anyone know who runs the photo archives of Los Angeles?

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