Monday, August 25, 2008

Again, we bring you, the bus ride... from HELL

I continue to do my part for the environment, (B___S___, I am trying to save money) by taking the bus a few days a week. Tonight the trip on the 212 was an adventure. There was a guy on his cell phone talking very loudly, over the noise of the engine, and he kept asking the person what stop he should look for. First it was Venice, then Washington, then Adams. After that, a guy got on who hangs around Centinella and La Brea. He pushed past everyone to the back of the bus. Followed by a smell that punched everyone in the jaw. It smelled at first like 4 cat litter boxes, then it morphed into a foul stench that was a cross between body odor from a prison to the sewage smell from the Hyperion Treatment Plant in El Segundo. It was murder on the noses most foul. I think a woman opened a bottle of perfume to try to combat the smells. The perfume ran away, beaten to a pulp. Then some guys opened every window on the bus hoping the stench would leave. No good. People almost passed out. I recalled an old Spartan trick used against the Persians. The trick is to breathe through your mouth, not your nose, then you smell the odors. It worked and I made to my stop without blacking out. Another ride on the bus from HELL, the 212 in Los Angeles.


Ruben Esq said...

Think of the cash you're saving. It really is the only consolation to riding that bus line.

Public transportation would be more pleasant for you if you weren't coming from so far south. Long, crowded bus trips to or from anywhere are never fun, but the riders from the neighborhoods you pass through are a big part of the experience.


Dude I'm gonna have to, at some point, relate my ride on the 750 with two guys I accurately call "Stupid," and "Drunk and Stupid."